Monday, September 22, 2014

The Wasp Whisperer

SC Paderborn 07 II (U23) 4

 VfB Fichte Bielefeld 2

Westfalenliga Staffel 1

A nice little 91.7km drive to the village of Marienloh which is a suburb of Paderborn, to see their reserves take on the mighty Fichte. We went into the game unbeaten and coming off the back of a 9-0 away thrashing of a Kreisliga C team in the Kreispokal. They all count!

The ground is one of these ghastly purpose built efforts where the reserves train and play, one side a 3G pitch, the other a grass one. Still at least they had a nice cage for their robot mower.

 The merry band of Fichte fans (all four of us) started to put out the flags when I noticed that Bagpuss was missing. I had left him at home. We would not win today.

The ground was awful. Just a hard standing on both sides, with no cover and a couple of metal benches set so far back from the pitch that you wouldn't really be able to see anything if you sat on one. No spectator facilities  behind either goal. 

Matti Kuuse started in goal, his only previous two appearances coming in the Kreispokal, where against SV Häger he saved a penalty. The  game started and within 9 minutes we were ahead, a wicked free kick from Soner Dayangan on the left and Chif Sadicki rose highest to glance home his 4th of the season. 
Top scorer Chif Sadicki

But 4 minutes later, Kuuse came out for a one on one and brought his opponent down, penalty to Paderborn and Victor Maier made no mistake from the spot.

In the 21st minute, Sadicki lost the ball on the halfway line from a Fichte attack and the ball popped through to Admir Saric, who left two defenders for dead before putting the home team 2-1 up. 

In between this, a wasp had started to buzz around, annoying one of our party, so Frankie coaxed the wasp away with a beer bottle. It had to be seen to be believed, as Brer Wasp followed the stench of Paderborner Pils away from the massed ranks of Fichte fans. 

 Just before halftime and Saric curled a shot in from 30 yards to make it 3-1 to the hosts.

The team were a long time coming out for the second half, and whatever manager Yorck Bergenthal said at halftime seemed to have the desired effect, as we looked a lot more up for the game, and after 51 minutes confusion in the Paderborn area Ivica Ivecevic poked the ball home to give us some hope.

Indeed the equaliser should have been forthcoming as Sansar made his way into the area, only to ignore the 3 on 1 situation and try to score on his own.  

I think we all know where this is going. With Fichte stretched looking for the goal that would keep their unbeaten run intact, Marcel Salokat seemed to hover in the air for ages from a set piece before heading the ball past Kuuse for a 4-2 result for the home side. 
Let them lie

 Clubhouse:     7/10
 Seats:            None. A few metal benches scattered about but not really for    spectators 
 Behind goals: Pathway
 Cover:            None 
 Barrier:         Metal fence 
 Bratwurst:     €2 - 8/10 (Thanks to Helmut for the rating) 
 Beer:            €1.50 - Warsteiner (coffee was €1.30 for a mug)
 Entrance Fee: €5 
 Friendliness:  6/10 
 Programme:   None 
 Weather:       6/10 
 Ground:        5/10 
 Home fans:   2/10 

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